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Our goal is to bring experienced designers from different communities in Israel an equal opportunity to join Israel's high-tech industry and become top UX/UI designers.

Radio Button
Mentoring Program

Why did we create this program?

Every year, hundreds of ultra-Orthodox women graduated from UI / UX school, but they are hardly seen in the high-tech industry. We know that getting a job out of the Orthodox community is challenging, They for we created this program. Women from Orthodox communities can contribute greatly to the high-tech industry,

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"Growing up in a religious community, I came to study at Bezalel and IDC unaccompanied with a wide gap in my education due to my upbringing. I believe that the program can benefit women with knowledge gaps and give them guidance, support, and tools to succeed and achieve their dreams."

“I grew up in an Orthodox community, I was always attracted to design. One day I was exposed to a YouTube video that talked about user experience, that was the moment I understood that's what I want to do! Entering the field is very challenging.”

Ayelet Zwickler Ackerman

UX/UI Designer @AutoLeadStar,

Manager of the Radio Button mentoring program

Radio Button

A podcast about user experience design hosted by Yehudit Asher.
The podcast hosts inspiring design leaders. Over time, Radio Button has become the leading podcast in Israel in the user experience design (UI / UX) field.

Yehudit Asher
UX designer @Google,

Founder of Radio Button

Become a Mentor

If you want to contribute your knowledge and do something that will have a significant impact, We need you.

Who are the mentors?

  • At least 4 years of experience in UI UX.

  • Availability - approximately one hour every two weeks. availability by email

  • Full volunteering

How to join?
First, follow the Join us link below. fill the form and we will be in touch with you.

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Become a Mentee

if you are a UX/UI designer and you feel like you want to accelerate your career and enter the high-tech industry, this program is for you.

How to join?
First, follow the Join us link below. fill the form and we will be in touch with you.

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Strong background in design (graduate of design studies, or design experience)

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Significant experience in the

UX/UI field

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A Portfolio or a number of

UX/UI projects

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Professional training in the fields of UI / UX Course/seminar

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High motivation and desire to integrate into high-tech

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Good English

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